Precision Avionics and Fabrication Services

Strategic Manufacturing Solutions Where Tolerances and Specs Matter

Heritage Aviation provides integrated precision avionics and custom fabrication services that are suitable for a broad base of industries including Aviation, Industrial, Manufacturing and more.

Custom solutions through Heritage Aviation provide clients with with superior quality results based on the same high standards demanded in the aviation and industrial marketplace. Ongoing upgrades in technology  and our skilled staff is truly our greatest resource. We continue to support our customers and associates by using the best equipment and continually investing in the machinery and technology so that we can continue to deliver quality and efficiency. Our wide range of precision capabilities and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to support customers from initial prototype design through production, finishing and assembly. We are devoted to meeting your time and budget goals and would love the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to become a trustworthy manufacturing resource.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) that are concerned with quality components have complex outsourcing strategies to support equipment production, reduce total manufacturing costs and mitigate long-term risk. Heritage offers unparalleled supplier alignment for outsourced manufacturing of fabricated metal components, welded sub-assemblies, kits and avionics. Customers of Heritage include advanced projects with military applications that help shape the world we live in. That same degree of precision can be cost effectively applied to all industries from aircraft to forklifts and bulldozers to precision surgical equipment. With a new manufacturing facility located in the heart of Dallas, Fort Worth, we support original equipment manufacturers who want components that are built in the U.S. We can supply these companies with superior customer service and quality products, services, sub-assemblies and weldments. Our advanced metal fabrication offerings include steel fabrication, tube processing, plasma cutting, laser cutting, metal forming, welding, machining and more to support OEM’s in America.



Heritage Aviation has been working with Avionics since its inception. Since then, we have been a solid fixture in the aviation industry and continue to grow. Avionics equipment is serviced by bench repair technicians. To this day, Heritage still handles several military avionics projects.

Precision Metal Fabrication

The fabrication department of Heritage is committed to making your sheet metal fabrication designs a reality. From conception to completion we specialize in the precision manufacture of your components. We combine over 50 years of expertise with High Tech machinery.

CMM Capability

Creating highly accurate components is integral to Heritage’s operations. Adhering to all ISO 9001 standards, Heritage Aviation uses it’s CMM capability to control production, help with capability studies, and more. Our Engineers are on hand to quickly create programs to measure the most complex geometries to an exacting degree of precision.

CNC Machining

Heritage Aviation excels at providing CNC milling for the production of small, medium, and large parts with exacting dimensions and tolerances. We have the capacity to work with a variety of metals, and have a solid background for expertly machining aluminum. Our state-of-the-art machining centers, combined with our craftsmanship, allow us to accurately produce parts at rapid cycle times.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Our electro mechanical assembly services include the installation of wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, circuit boards and connector/plug wiring. The technicians at Heritage Aviation can deliver your company superior assembly services at competitive prices.  Classic Sheet Metal can provide a turnkey metal fabricating solution obtaining all the parts needed for the complete assembly.

Custom Wire Harness

Heritage can build custom wire harness products for a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, medical and military. Heritage Aviation is committed to the highest levels of service and quality. We offer multiple manufacturing capabilities including crimping, cutting, soldering, stripping, and marking. We also provide 100 percent electronic inspection and testing. To find out more, please contact us.

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