Assembly Services From Heritage Aviation

Heritage Aviation clients can take advantage of our precision-assembly services to reduce their production complexity and expense. Clients taking advantage of our assembly and integration services have fewer items to purchase, manage less inventory and reduce their labor costs. We apply our expert techniques to assemble products built from our fabricated components, customer-supplied materials, or purchased components, or a combination of all three.

Our contract assembly services include the installation of circuit boards, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies and connector/plug wiring. Using our skilled technicians, we can deliver outstanding contract assembly quality at competitive prices.  Heritage Aviation can provide a turnkey metal fabricating solution obtaining all the parts needed for the complete assembly.

Heritage can expertly assemble complex forms of sheet metal housings, rack mounts, and card-cages.  Fully producing each metal part from the ground up; We can produce any accompanying brackets, stiffeners, supports, and all other items needed for the assembly to be complete. Heritage has adapted its contract assembly areas to handle multiple electro-static discharge stations (ESD).  Using this static free environment, we are now equipped to meet an ever-widening field of connectors, wire looms, and live circuit boards. The components assembled and integrated can range from simple mechanical assemblies of fabricated sheet metal parts to complex electro-mechanical assemblies with extensive bills of material. Assembly and integration can include inspection, testing and custom packaging of your product. We can even ship it directly to your customer.

Assembly Capabilities From Heritage Aviation

Heritage offers complete sheet-metal assembly services for items that are fabricated by Heritage, customer supplied and/or purchased, enabling firms to harness the value of our lean, rigorously managed and monitored production processes.
From wire harnesses to power supplies and beyond, companies requiring meticulous integration of electrical and other non-sheet metal parts to complete their assemblies can look to Heritage for the quality, consistency and flexibility of scheduling we apply to all our processes.
Heritage can simplify and streamline your supply chain even more through contract manufacturing: private labeling and shipping completely assembled finished goods directly to your customers.

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