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At Heritage Aviation, we specialize in Metal Fabrication. We have over 40,000 square feet of production space where cutting edge custom metal fab technology and innovative machinery are paired with over 30 years of practical know-how in custom metal fabrication. Our production core centers around our advanced aluminum fabrication capabilities. In addition, we can cut carbon steel up to ½” thick, or aluminum up to 3/16” thick and stainless steel to ¼” thick. Our services include cutting, press brake forming, shearing, punching, welding and assembly.

As one of the leading custom metal fabricators in the area, Heritage fabricators can produce components and products for a wide range of clients and industries. These include aerospace, automotive, specialty machinery builders, agriculture, refrigeration, custom lighting, architectural and more. Our creativity and production capabilities have almost no limits.

No customer is too big and no project is too small. When production calls for high volume we employ best practices from planning to completion, including unparalleled quality control and precision. Our customers can rely on us to solve their most difficult product challenges. We provide solutions and execute some the finest (some call it trickiest) cutting and fabrication projects imaginable. That’s where our combination of technology and experience comes in most handy.

It’s all possible because we staff our production for success with an experienced, highly trained team of custom metal fabrication technicians who can handle everything from single, one-off prototypes to managing large production runs that require extensive planning, setup and attention to detail.

With Heritage, we believe that good communication between our staff and clients help us create an outcome that yields high quality finished products that are competitively priced and arrive on schedule. That’s why we still answer our phones with a real live person. We want to speak with directly with you about our abilities to handle your project. Contact Heritage today. We would love to say “hi” and help plan your company’s metal fabrication needs.

Heritage’s ability to provide customers with quality sheet metal prototypes, on time, and to spec has separated us from other metal fabricators in the industry. No shortcuts are taken while running smaller projects. When a prototype is sent through our facility, it is treated with the same care as all other production runs. All quality and manufacturing processes are upheld to deliver the exact product you have designed.

To help expedite your prototype as fast and efficiently as possible, we rely on many diverse tools and skills amassed through years of manufacturing.

A time system utilizing bar-coded system

An ISO Compliant quality system to make sure your part is manufactured to the print

An on-staff Engineer and programmers

Software that enables our programmers to accept and work with various digital file types

Full array of in-house capabilities (paint, plating, punch presses, hydraulic press brakes, welding, etc.)

A large inventory of raw materials and hardware allowing for a quick transition to production upon receiving your purchase order

Skilled craftsmen consistently producing dynamic parts under time-sensitive deliveries

An ISO Compliant quality system to make sure your part is manufactured to the print

Please fill out the RFQ form if you are interested in having a sheet metal prototype quote.


We have the capability to import and unfold your supplied 3D files. This process ensures proper transfer of information and allows us to utilize the geometry directly from your designs built in Solid Works, Pro/E and Autodesk Inventor. Utilzing our CAD/CAM software reduces any potential for mistakes in the programming process, and accelerates the programming time in order to get your parts to you faster.

Below is a list of CAD system file extensions that we use for recieving blueprints and 3D files electronically.


We use a number of CNC punching processes that can create holes in a variety of sizes for sheet metal fabrication applications on sheets of up to 1/4 of an inch thick. This enables designs that need holes for lights, power supplies and other needs to be done quickly and meet the highest quality standards.

In addition, our CNC punch processes have streamlined perforation for enclosures such as server racks and medical equipment needs. This results in lower costs per quote as well as improved turnaround time compared to other CNC punching operations that require a full stroke to be completed.

The process starts long before the machines turn on, however. The engineering team members work to adapt the designs clients send in to the instructions sent to the fabricators on the floor, with quality control checks by both a supervisor as well as a laser verification system. This results in the ability to get the parts, enclosures and even sheet metal prototypes done right the first time to the tightest tolerances.

Contact us today to learn more about how our sheet metal fabrication facility can help you with technical projects requiring the utmost quality and experience.

CNC forming, when done correctly, can result in sheet metal fabrication for clients that allows for difficult curvatures in designs to look as if the metal was that shape from the start. We have vast experience ensuring that multiple-radius forming matches the expectations of customers regardless of the difficulty.

Further, thanks to experience in matching client designs to our CNC forming capabilities, employees can perfect the process within very tight tolerances. The manufacturing systems meet ISO 9001 2008 quality control standards, meaning that the pieces meet the standards required for demanding applications in the medical industry and other industries. For those instances where the product must meet FCC standards for radiation leakage, our work meets those requirements and will limit any issues for testing and other needs.

Our CNC forming machines can make pieces of up to 10 feet long and we use a number of different brakes that allow for custom work that may not be possible using other machines. However, we also automate many of our bending practices to ensure that the one hundredth part is as consistently produced as the first. Our staff also inspect the parts, enclosures and other sheet metal fabrication that we do at each step of the process to meet our exacting quality control standards.

We look forward to ensuring that you get the results you want and can also help with any finishing you need including painting, plating, and powder-coating.

Contact us for more information on our precision sheet metal forming capabilities.

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