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We are proud to be one of the leading Avionics and precision sheet metal fabrication manufacturing companies in the area. The professional staff at Heritage is dedicated to the highest-quality production. Born in the aerospace world, we have been committed to strict tolerances, precise machining superior quality since our inception over 30 years ago.

Beyond production, Heritage can also help with product design, logistics, inventory management and shipping services, providing clients with a true end-to-end manufacturing solution. Find out how Heritage’s sheet metal fabrication services can add value to your business by requesting a quote online, or by calling (972) 9889-8000 today.

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Heritage Aviation, Ltd. has been in the avionics retrofitting and bench repair business since its inception in 1970. For many years, we have been a reliable Avionics contractor for several avionics contracts. As the years flew by and technology improved, Heritage continued to maintain an avionics bench repair facility with trained technicians, repairing many avionics systems down to the component level. With technicians that have decades of experience, Heritage is the facility you can count on to keep your avionics going and your aircraft flying.

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Precision Metal Fabrication

Regardless of the complexity of the project or process, only craftsmen specifically trained on the customer product participate in its fabrication. Quality is checked after each process and again prior to shipping. A complete history of the product from material and source to fabrication notes and previous fabrication runs is kept with the product on the floor at all times. “Re-orders” follow the same process, with print revisions verified prior to beginning any work. Our customers appreciate that we understand the costs and headaches associated with “high maintenance” vendors and we are committed to ensuring that Heritage is never one of those. As a result of our customer service and history of on time completion, our customers are now choosing to reduce or eliminate their typical inspection and handling costs by taking the Heritage produced item directly into their manufacturing/assembly floors.

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CMM Capability

CMM inspection can be used to provide dimensional measurement, profile measurement, angularity measurement, depth mapping, and more. Our CMM inspection machines are capable of handing diverse applications and providing you with precise results. Our advanced CMM system excels in demanding situations. Our process was designed from the ground up to surpass the demanding requirements of our customers that provide an unsurpassed end product.

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CNC Machining

CNC milling is one of our strengths at Heritage Aviation, Ltd. near Dallas, Texas. We are a full service machine shop, and we have acquired the milling knowledge, tradition, and experience to accommodate all your CNC milling needs. As we like to say here on our shop floor, “If you can draw, we can make it”. If you have solid or surface CAD drawings, we have the capability of machining directly from your files. This can eliminate errors that sometimes occur when programming from paper drawings.

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Electro-Mechanical Assembly

Our contract assembly services include the installation of circuit boards, wiring harnesses, cable assemblies and connector/plug wiring. Using our skilled technicians, we can deliver outstanding contract assembly quality at competitive prices. Heritage Aviation can provide a turnkey metal fabricating solution obtaining all the parts needed for the complete assembly.

Contract assembly can be used for anything from single components to complete units. Computers and telecommunications components are examples of products that are made using this method.

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Custom Wire Harnesses

We at Heritage Aviation frequently hear our customers say that they save time and money by outsourcing their harness or cable assembly to Heritage. It’s no coincidence. At Heritage, we know that no two harnesses are alike which is why our highly-skilled technical sales staff treats every project as a challenge and examines the whole assembly for weak points. Combined with our years of harness assembly experience, tried-and-true production methods and industry standard connections, and you can bet you’ll have a reliable assembly that will meet all specifications.

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